When Lance and I arrived to the location where we agreed to meet, we could find Josh, even though he told us he was already there. We reset our apple map and stood there waiting for a few minutes. All of sudden, I spotted some blue and white Air Jordans peeking out from a stoop. I immediately knew this was Josh.

Of course our next mission was to get food. I picked out one of the sushi restaurants where you sit around a conveyor belt and grab plates that interest you. After doing this for about 20 minutes, we realized we weren’t ever going to get full, so we paid and left.

We only spent about 2 thousand Yen ($18) on 3 people.Luckily, we found the perfect Ramen restaurant to stuff our faces, but we were only stuffed for about an hour, and also went to Chili’s on the Air Force base. I warned you on Day 2 that all vegan bets were off!

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