Outside of 808 Grindz.

On Day 2 we woke up around 9:30 feeling sluggish from all the tasty junk we ate the day before. Determined to have a healthier day we got dressed and headed to the local’s favorite…808 Grindz. I stuck to my healthy plans for about 5 minutes before ordering a Rainbow French Toast with Spam and eggs (sue me again). Lance got a Crab Benedict. 808 Grindz is  a small and clean mom & pop restaurant. Since we usually try to avoid chains, it was perfect for us. Everything was fresh…but I instantly regretted the Spam decision. It’s nothing the restaurant did. Eating Spam just reminded me why I think pork is sus.

The wait for a seat is about as fair as it gets. You write your name down on a notepad and hang outside until they call you. First come first served. While you wait you could sell out and walk to Starbucks…or you could be a grown up and just wait. See the photo below for what I did.

808 Grindz. Killed it.

After breakfast we drove to Front Street in Lahaina. According to one lady we met, Front Street is rated one of the Top Ten streets of all time. Whoa! I have no clue how to confirm this, so I’ll just take her word for it. As far as streets go….this wasss a good one.

We started with a walk on Lahaina Harbor and arrived onto Front Street, ending up under the famous Banyan Tree. That day, there was a local falsetto group and Hula performance. The Banyan tree is pretty cool. It was planted in 1873 and is the largest of its kind in the United States.  This same tree that is rumored to have housed events by King Kamehameha III is now home to weekly community events like the ones we saw. 

Front street is a tourist’s dream with all the keychains, fake license plates, and screen printed towels you could imagine. I, of course, am a super-tourist, so I bought license plates with my nieces names on them and a Dicapac phone case, which I highly recommend for taking photos underwater. 

Little Sweeties performing under the Banyan Tree.

The area also has numerous small art galleries and bars. We even found a pretty cool book store called MFOL in the set of shops across from the Banyan tree, but I resisted the temptation to buy more dust catchers before finishing the ones I already have at home. 

If you look past that all the stores on this street, you can learn a lot about the history and culture of Lahaina. We spent some time in the Visitors Center and read a lot of the historical markers, and that was honestly enough to help us understand what made this former capital of Hawaii, special.

When we were done with that we headed to Kaanaplai Beach to relax. This is also where I started writing this long blog. Your’e Welcome. Side note: This was my first time in history wearing sun screen so my shoulders and face had a tint of white the whole day….hence no selfies. 

Kaanapali Beach. Don’t ask me what my hands are doing.

For dinner we decided on Paia Fish Market. This was honestly the best meal we had while we were in Maui. This restaurant is dope. The seats are family style, and you chose your own seat after standing in line for your food. I know what you’re thinking—that sounds like fast food. (Your’e being cynical) These are actual non-plastic full meals with real plates, silverware, and ambiance. Even for an introvert, it was nice to sit with complete strangers and enjoy a filling meal. The vibe is communal and refreshingly hip. There is also plenty of people watching to be done here. We both got fish burgers (I know) and Lance got talked into trying a gross Brazilian soda by a pretty waitress. The drink turned out to be not the best.

Mahi Burger and hot potatoes from Paia Fish Market.

On the way to our next stop we walked in 2 different art galleries. One in particular, called Lahaina Galleries,stood out. The curator was cute and friendly and the gallery included a mixture of abstract and modern art. It displayed both local and non-local artists. The next one, Wyland Galleries, actually featured art from Jim Carrey….which was interesting, because who knew he was a painter?

 Also on Front is a club called Fleetwood’s, owned by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mack. Ok. This is when the night got weird. We noticed a flyer for a band called “Go Get Em” and decided to try them out. Let me just say, the club is awesome! It’s beautifully decorated. The crowd is equally unique. The band was scheduled to play at 10pm. Instead a DJ played for about an hour and a half, backed up by a visual .artist. We would later learn that he was the band’s DJ. We vibed with him for a little while until he randomly yelled at us to GTF up and party. Then his breakdancing friend got up and danced,

Sunshower by Jim Carrey

which I think was supposed to get us excited. This backfired and just made things more awkward. To note: the DJ later apologized for “being crazy”. Honorable mention: Lance was was being a great sport. He judges other DJs harshly.  

The weird part was not the club, but how long the party took to get started. I appreciate that this is a place where people can come to be themselves. There was a vast age range, and multiple ethnicities present. Anywho, when the band finally got on stage, and they were actually good. No complaints on the music. Just a different scene. I still recommend Fleetwood’s, but a word of advice: Don’t feel like you need to overdress..Come as you are. There was a dude in there with crocs on. No shade.


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