Trip to Maui: Day 1

On our 3rd and final Day, we stayed in the hotel room until the literal minute of checkout. We had already called to see if there was late checkout available and of course there wasn’t.

For breakfast we went to Sunrise Cafe, a small restaurant with great Yelp reviews. The staff was sweet and acted as if they knew us already.  The place has a lot of personality. They serve you drinks in mix matched cups, and there was a tree literally growing into the porch of restaurant. That morning they presented some of the normal struggles of a small business. They were out of a bunch of stuff. I didn’t care. I appreciated them being straight up with us. Also, it didn’t affect anything I was ordering.

Breakfast at the Sunrise Cafe

Lance ended up getting talked into ordered a Loco Moco, which we could clearly get anytime on Oahu. I’m not even gonna explain what that is. Just google it. I ordered my go-to meal, French Toast, and it they did not disappoint.

After eating breakfast, Lance indulged me in one of my DIY projects of taking 6 old-school polaroids during vacation. Then we drove to Paia town to get us closer to the airport. Paia is a small town with lots of hipster-like shops. We sat and worked at a coffee/acai spot called Paia Bowls until it was time to get 

Cool atmosphere at Paia Bowls

closer to the airport.

We would be remiss to leave Maui without stopping at Krispy Kreme again . After buying a dozen for the road, we actually dropped 3 on the ground by accident. In case you’re curious we put them back in the box because ‘God made dirt’.

Beautiful Maui View

This was a much needed, quick vacation. I didn’t realize I needed a break until afterwards. If you ever get to Hawaii, I encourage you to travel to Maui.  It’s an island that can be traveled in a very short amount of time. You’ll leave here feeling refreshed. Aloha!

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